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Humanities academics x tomorrow's challenges

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Diary for passers-by

August 4th, 2023

Summer's there. Our team of humanities researchers is growing across the world. New publications released on the new King Charles III, on Kabul's fall to the Taliban, the future of Greek shipping or on what TV show Succession says about America. Always using history to understand current events and their futures.

Next? New consultancy projects and a global Humanities podcast connecting the past with our own century.

All best, folks. Stay hydrated.

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Featured Academics

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How we can work together

Video Consultation

If you need a rapid external view on a matter that interests you in the very near term

Embedded Analyst

If you need a specific contribution on a project that requires the gathering of a complex team you own

Project Leader

Hands-on coordination of a project by Focillon, with support from the applicant

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