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Welcome to our site !

Couple of things to know as you enter: everything here is produced by academics, humanities students & artists sharing one simple purpose : taking you on our geeky journeys while we decrypt design features, feel the power of historical events, compare our local impressions with that of famous novelists, artists, heads of state… 

We also work with companies and public institutions who see the value of integrating social sciences in their work. Three ways we help out: [1] Comms & Design Thinking projects; [2] data-driven analysis to produce country or sector-based forecast; [3) cultural field trips, Learning Expeditions.

Last but not least: our association is named after Henri Focillon - a French art historian whose research deepened our knowledge of Gothic architecture in Europe or of Buddhist art forms in Japan. Born in 1881; passed away in 1943. Clarity, generosity and independence were Professor Focillon’s values. 

We will do our best to follow them.

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Agustina Papú

Latin America, Design & Habitat at Focillon

PhD Student in Archeology, University of Buenos Aires

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Akash Srinivas

India, Biology & Climate at Focillon

Archeology PhD, Investigator and Project Coordinator

Based in Bangalore, India

Durga Kale

Japan, Design & Religions at Focillon

PhD Student in Anthropology at Calgary University, Canada

Based in California, USA

Elisabeth Koch

Egypt, Ancient History & Identity at Focillon

Archeology PhD, UCLA

Based in Los Angeles, USA

Emilie Samaan

Development & Partnership Lead for Focillon

Licensed Cultural Guide

Based in Singapore

Giacomo Caruso

China, Rituals & Crafts at Focillon

PhD student in Anthropology, Xiamen University

Based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Léa Chauveau

Social Media Lead for Focillon

Communications professional

Based in Rennes, France

Michael Benhamou


Tech & Defence Consultant

Based in Paris, France

Portia Simelane

South Africa, Health & Behaviorism at Focillon

PhD in Population Studies, Professor

Based in Townsville, Australia

Rebecca Mencaroni

Italy, European History & Education at Focillon

Art History PhD at the University of York (UK)

Based in Siena, Italy

Snehal Tambulwadikar Khedkar

India, Semantics & Design at Focillon

Professor of Art and Aesthetics at J.J. School of Arts

Based in Mumbai, India

Sophia Mahroug

Iran, Social Networks, War Studies at Focillon

PhD candidate at Sorbonne University and the University of Luxembourg

Based in Paris, France

Yi Jia Poh

China, Vietnam & Trade at Focillon

PhD candidate in Archeology, Australian National University

Based in Canberra, Australia

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