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About us

Michael Benhamou
Founder & CEO
Léa Chauveau
Comms Lead
Emilie Samaan
Partnership Lead

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Our story

Venice. November 2021. The luck of enjoying empty streets because of the pandemic; but something felt wrong: the city's history and patterns were nowhere to be found in shops, in guides. This was the trigger to start Focillon - using our Humanities knowledge to help society decrypt paintings, buildings, historical trends.

Now we also work with companies and public institutions who see the value of integrating Social and Human Sciences in their own organization. And from a group of five, we became a global team of sixteen.

Our association is named after Henri Focillon - a French art historian whose research focused on Gothic architecture in Europe or on Buddhist art forms in Japan. Born in 1881; passed away in 1943. Clarity, generosity and independence were Professor Focillon’s values. We will do our best to follow them.

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