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Humanities academics x today's challenges

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What we do


Editorial support - articles, speeches, podcast, videos

Design Thinking

Brand development - colors, calligraphy, semantics


Foresight studies based on socio-cultural patterns

Behavioral surveys of leadership groups

Target audience research

Heritage research

Site location research


Knowledge Team Building

Crisis management exercises

Serious games - scenarios linking past & future

Modules "Integrating Humanities within organizations - ethics, bias, power dynamics, foresight"

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Featured Academics

10000ft for Data Dashboard: Featured Academics
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How we can work together

Video Consultation

If you need a rapid external view on a matter that interests you in the very near term

Embedded Analyst

If you need a specific contribution on a project that requires the gathering of a complex team you own

Project Leader

General coordination of a "Comms", "analysis" or "training" project by Focillon, with support from the applicant

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Traveling with Humanities

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