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Charters - The City of Gold

Published Jul 10, 2023
Updated Jul 10, 2023

Charters Towers is one of Queensland’ Regional Towns which is located 140km away from Townsville. Historically, the town is regarded a gold city. This is based on the discovery of gold by Jupiter Mossman, a stockman together with his companions Hugh Mosman, George Clark and James Fraser in 1871 as they were searching for their missing horses. From that time to-date, Charters Towers has named various facilities using the preface’ gold’ before the actual name, for example; gold city medical, gold city cabs, gold city ambulance, gold city mine as well as gold city hotel.

The date when gold was firstly discovered in Charters Towers was in 1871 by Jupiter Mossman.

On the 24th December 1871,  a young Australian indigenous 12 year old boy, Jupiter Mossman together with his companions were travelling and searching for some of their missing horses at the base of what is known as Towers Hill. As Jupiter moved around this place, he accidentally stumbled on a bright glimmer of gold nestled in a nearby stream. This marked the beginning of the gold discovery era in Charters Towers and soon the development of the town, Charters Towers.

The discovery quickly placed Charters Towers firmly on the map in terms of gold mining prospects and in the process, this established this newly discovered area as a world-class district and as Australia ’s richest major goldfield. Just after this discovery of gold on the surface, miners started following the quartz reefs underground. About 320, 000 ounces of gold per annum was produced in Charters Towers by 1898.

This further led to thousand and thousands of people moving into Charters Towers in pursuit of the new fortune, resulting in the town known as “ The World”. This was due to the fact that everything the world has to offer was also available in Charters Towers. Before very long, by 1899, this record was unbroken for the next 100 years. According to Government records and based on today’s Australian dollar, the mines have paid approximately A$900,000,000 ($900 million) in dividends to their shareholders. 

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