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Borges' Labyrinth

Published Jul 10, 2023
Updated Jul 10, 2023

In the province of Mendoza (Argentina) we find one of the largest existing labyrinths in the Americas: Borges’ Labyrinth. Entirely made of plants (buxus), it was designed and created in honour of famous writer and poet Jorge Luis Borges.

When seen from above, the walls of the labyrinth spell out his name within an outline shaped like an open book. The ambitious design (by Randoll Coate) also illustrates some of the author's most recurrent imagery and symbolism such as hour glasses and mirrored representations.

Labyrinths themselves were also an important part of the author’s work and obsession. Even a question mark is included in the design to represent Borges’ inquisitive nature. And as one walks along its corridors we are invited to dive into the writer’s mind by reading some of his quotes in wooden plaques, like crumbs, leading the way.

Learn more about this living monument to one the most influential writers of his time at the Labyrinth's official website:

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