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What cows mean for Indians

Published May 20, 2022
Updated Jun 07, 2022
📍 🇮🇳 What cows mean for Indians Shri Krishna is one of India’s most popular divinities, hailed notably by the community of Milkmen - one of his names being ‘Gopala’ (the one who cares for the cows). During medieval times, the cult for Krishna was particularly intense, as the significant number of Krishna-praising ballads proves. In the 17th and 18th centuries, Bishnupur (in West Bengal) was a major center of ‘prembhakti marga’ - the path of devotion through love. There too, love towards cows can be seen in the exquisite terracotta tiles of the Madana-Mohana Temple. Local craftsmen have probably mixed their direct observations with oral tales to portray these cows. Part description, part poetic ballad one may say. ____ Sources ____ >> Marg, A Magazine of the Arts, volume 54 number 3, March 2003
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