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Hyman Roth's Godfather crib

Published May 20, 2022
Updated Oct 27, 2022

📍 🇺🇸 The master and the student

One of Godfather 2’s most famous scenes - Al Pacino as a young Godfather defying old Hyman Roth, an elusive businessman played by Lee Strasberg - the man who taught and mentored generations of American actors after World War II (including Pacino). New York's infamous “Actor Studio” school flourished under his guidance.

Notice in the movie how Al Pacino's eyes remain in the shadow on this large balcony, despite the fact that we are in burning hot Florida… Even there, even in this weather, director Francis Ford Coppola managed to convey the loneliness and darkness of this character.

Right after the obvious failure of the business discussion conducted on the terrace, the monologue recited by Strasberg in the living room is unparalleled. Fury and control at the same time. Fascinating. A true gift.

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United States of America
20th CE